Working Through the Layers

Often times we don't realize that things may be stuck in our energetic field that often hinder us from moving forward, or make us feel that we have no choice in the circumstances that surround us. We may come to discover that what is commonly called as laziness, unfocused behaviours, chronic lying, etc. are stemming from a hidden source that it may be necessary to call on another's help to treat, remove, or mend energetically. We may also find that the things we think are normal such as fatigue, cravings, or interrupted sleep, may actually have roots in unresolved energy. After we find the root of the issues, we work together to create new pathways for living in your truth. There are also many opportunities to receive gifts of spirit that shine a light to your path. The medicine man or woman's way of healing works through the layers between the most subtle to the most dense, so that the changes occurring in your energy you will begin to see as changes in your physical life, and vice versa. You will learn to bring a deep connection and balance between the heart and the brain, the emotions, the body, and soul, so that each is supported and strengthened lovingly.

The beauty of this work is that it encompasses the whole being. It not only brings to your awareness issues that have been hidden and deeply rooted, but it makes the connection between all layers of life and helps you to rebuild a new road as you continue to ground within yourself and your environment.

At the end of each session, I may offer recommendations on supporting the work you are embarking on, which might include dietary suggestions based on ayurvedic principles (an ancient Indian system of healing that treats the elemental forces in the body), specific meditations, ayurvedic yoga, mantras, or other means of self-care as needed.

Follow-ups for all sessions are recommended throughout your course of self-care. We will work to bring you to a point where you are energetically aligned and have the tools you need to continue your journey in a self-empowered way.