I have met Aysen at the “Giving back the Gold” meetup where young artists and healers were sharing their stories. It was back then when I became inspired by Aysen. The way she has spoken and told
Her story was so full of wisdom, stillness and alignment. I was drawn to her peaceful energy and later decided to book a session wirh Her. It was amazing. Her sense of “knowing” allowed Us to work in synchronicity directly addressing roots of blockages.. later I could feel like a heavy burden was taken off my shoulders. We need more people like Her - She is the Light.

With many blessings.
— Izabela C.
I began to work with Aysen because I wanted to uncover my inner truth, my true nature, my light. I was curious to understand my own personal journey and to comprehend how this discovery helps myself and others.

I was struggling with uncertainties and sadness that clouded my understanding of who I am. I was fearful to uncover my true self and I would not allow myself to really have the things I truly wished for in my life; unconditional love, peace and illumination, along with the desires to share my gifts of healing with others.

Aysen was able to uncover obstacles and patterns that were recurring in my life that no longer served me and to get answers to many questions I had about my spiritual gifts and purpose on the earth. Aysen used different healing styles, like energy healing to unlock painful past life traumas and to connect how this played a part in this present life. Use of energy, intuitive readings and tarot provided counselling, support and understanding of my path.

In 2017, I have also attended a plant medicine workshop she was facilitating during the summer called Herbal Healing for the Womb and Womb Healing Ceremony, where I met other women in search of wisdom to heal in natural ways and discover a community of like-minded individuals that supported wholistic practices for wellness.

Working with Aysen has helped deepen my practice of self-realization/discovery. Her assistance and support has helped me to uncover inner truths about myself that I was overlooking and I have begun to learn to focus my energies to new wave of being, allowing commitment to grow.

I have noticed a transformation within that has helped me to understand a beauty about myself I once let lie dormant because of my own uncertainty of how my inner truth could have a positive reflection not only in my life, but in the lives of others.I am appreciative of the guidance, care and support that Aysen has provided on my walk and would encourage others to connect with her to help uncover their personal journey.
— Michelle B.
Medicine comes in many forms, but in all my years I have never had more profound insight delivered with such care, precision, and heartfelt compassion. If you are looking to put your mind at ease and feed your soul at the same time, stop what you’re doing right now and book a consultation with Aysen. You will save yourself needless suffering and gain practical wisdom that will improve your life in countless ways.
— Yvonne E.
I was honoured to receive an intuitive reading by Aysen, and was absolutely blown away by the guidance it provided.
The cards drawn were completely accurate for the situation I’m contending with now, and her interpretation thereof has given me more clarity and insight than I could have ever imagined. She provided me with an in-depth written explanation of all the cards she had drawn for me, and her compassion and connection with higher Guides shone though her writing.
I’ve had many card readings done for me over the years, and I can say with complete honesty that this was the best I have ever received. I’m so grateful to have connected with Aysen, and cannot recommend her highly enough. If you’ve ever considered having a reading done but have been hesitant for some reason, know that you’re in safe, gentle hands with her, and that her connection with Spirit is luminous and true.
— Catherine W.
Aysen did a reading for me. I wanted to know the usual about my career and future love life. Her reading was not what I expected. I guess I was looking for an easier yes or no, or never, answers and I wanted them now so I can make the change happen. What I didn’t realize is that her reading was much more than that. It was detailed very insightful and it was an amazing guide that I used to steer me on the path that is meant for me. Aysen has very strong intuitive skills and she’s very much in tuned with knowing the right messages for me to grow and become more confident in my choices and welcome new opportunities with positivity. Thanks Aysen for your reading. You helped me more than you know.
— Amel F.
I have recently inquired with Aysen for a Tarot reading session. The reading helped guide my intentions and clear my head of superfluous thoughts, readying me for the road ahead. She has the true gift of conveying what the cards reveal in understandable words filled with both meaning and a great respect for the person requesting the reading. I am in awe of her generosity of spirit, the clarity she brings to her clients and the majesty of her work. I highly recommend her as a guide and as a healer as well, having previously done an Energy Healing session and been equally satisfied with Aysen’s approach and the session as a whole. Thank you!
— Sophie A.
Aysen is a truly special and gifted individual. I was drawn to one of her plant medicine workshops a couple of years ago and I felt so incredibly cared for and seen in this workshop, even though I had just met her. This workshop came to me the same day I had received my first core pattern reading, where some of my core wounds were revealed to me by my guides! What serendipity!

The workshop was such a beautiful experience where we were able to be with and learn about plants in such an experiential way. The meditation I had with a rose was so comforting and soothing, as the plant spoke to me of self-forgiveness and compassion for my own wounds.

Since then, I have attended one other womb and plant medicine circle of hers, as well as received a channeled tarot card reading.

Both experiences were magical and that same care and love was very present. Aysen’s medicine is clear and holds much truth for me. She has such a gentle way of offering her wisdom that is so approachable and comforting.

I am truly grateful for the guidance and support I have received from Aysen and I look forward to attending many more of her medicine circles and to receiving healing from her in the near future.

With love and gratitude.
— Clare E.