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Compassionate Waters: A Healing Circle

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Many of us are shifting into a state of true integration within, while further expanding our luminous bodies outwards to touch community. 

This requires us to let go of all we thought we knew - unveiling concepts and ideas we thought defined us, letting go of power plays, letting go of the idea that possessions or appearance in any way make us who we are, and letting go of the different voices that speak through us in the vibrations of grief, guilt, and shame. 

So we begin the dance of moving into a deeper space that confronts us with true honesty and truth in connection to one another. 

This is what COMPASSIONATE WATERS is about.

It is about holding space to cleanse, heal, and renew from the ongoing work that we're doing and have come here on this Grandmother Earth to do.

Twice a month we will meet online in circle to hold space for one another. We will start with sharing what's on our hearts, then I will offer a group healing and channeled message for what the group needs at that time. This is for all of us, including me. Although I am being a conduit for the healing that Creator and our Ancestors wish to impart on us, I will also receive this healing as much as all of you.

Together let us learn to heal, love, forgive, and create. *Remember that forgiveness is not being in agreement with wrongdoing, but it is about releasing the weight of the pain that was caused while learning to maintain healthy boundaries. Forgiveness is truly about SOVEREIGNTY. 

I look forward to sitting in circle with you. Let us walk on this path together

~Starts Sunday, August 26 @2:00 p.m - 4:00 p.m. Future dates TBA

~This will be facilitated over Google Hangouts. 

**Please bring** 
Herbs and medicines that you feel called to use as offerings for the earth or fire (whichever calls to you) I will provide instructions on what to do.

A biodegradable material to wrap the medicines in

A healing stone or crystal of your choosing to help during the ceremony

A candle and toothpicks

A bowl of water and fresh flowers and plants

Exchange is $30

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