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The Healing Tastes of Herbs

In this workshop, you will learn the practice of using “simples” - the use of only one plant medicine at a time, in order to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of herbal medicine. It is a practice that will in turn help you understand your own body’s functioning, and can help you release any fears around working with plant medicines.

With a focus on learning the basics of the Ayurvedic model of taste profiles and energetics, you will be able to clearly choose plants that are compatible to you and your elemental balance, and learn about ways to work with them, such as drinking infusions, tinctures, burning plants, and dreaming with them.

A special section of this workshop will be dedicated to learning about some specific plants and plant groups that are safe for the budding herbalist.

Date and Time~ Wed, March 1, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location~ Alternity @ 236 Christie St.
Exchange~ Early-bird registration is $25. $33 at the door.