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Walking With the Earth; Rituals for Embodied Living

Join us for an evening to learn about earth-based rituals for embodied living, peace, and abundance. Those who walk this path will find all that they need to continue seeing through the eyes of love. There is always much to discover about the Earth, and it is in honouring the Earth’s natural motions that we begin to live in alignment with it. One of the most beautiful discoveries is that there will always be home on this Earth; there is always a place for you to return to. Our Earth continues to support and surrounded us with grace, and if we look around with open eyes, it is easy to see a team of nature’s life-forms holding all that we need for a truly enriched life.

Your guide and medicine woman Aysen Farag will share with you ways to access this living knowledge through:

-Communication with plant spirits

-Earth paintings ritual

-Limpia (energy clearing with plant spirits)

-Reading weather patterns for inner insight and divination

-Seeing and reading signs from nature, animals, and insects

Later Event: March 1
The Healing Tastes of Herbs