The medicine path is a great and mysterious one, that brings us in communion with our dreams, our hidden aspects, the breath of life, and love. Through clearing away traumas and stuck energies, we can invite healing to take place in the body's physical, emotional, and energetic systems, and bring forth the gifts of spirit that we become open to receive.

We often fall in misalignment with the natural rhythms of the earth and universe, allowing dis-ease to occur. But a deep resonance will always call to us, and will be felt as a yearning to come back to a place of centeredness, so that we move and flow as vibrations move and flow. This is when we feel that things are working smoothly in our lives. When we are closer to alignment with our truth, our cell memory is awakened to the powers of creation that we harness within us, and naturally we will create a life full of gifts that helps us to see the light even in the midst of the darkest surroundings.

And then something magical and alchemical happens -  we begin to see and know clearly that which we are capable of, and then bravely we can release that for the possibility of something even more beautiful and unknown.

Blessings on your journey to awakening to your truth.

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