Greetings, my name is Aysen, which in English means "Moonlight Reflected On The Water." I come from a long lineage of indigenous African healers. I offer you my heart, space, and wisdom to help you find your way to your truth.

My own awakening was a gift, and it is a gift that I wish to share with all those who feel called to work with me.  It was understanding that to be in exchange of love and true oneness with others I had to start with addressing the conditioning that I have endured over many years. I had to find the path towards my true self which meant releasing the old patterns and belief systems that no longer served me well. This is not an easy path, as it means identifying the traumas that have occurred both within this existence and beyond the current existence, through time, generations, ancestry, the traumas lodged within the physical and etheric body, and finding ways to confront them so that they may be absolved. For the longer we push away the pain, the deeper it clenches its roots. But to be in relationship with the pain means that we fully acknowledge it without judgement so it can be released fully from the body, mind, and spirit.

I studied ayurveda, yoga, sacred plant medicine, mantra/sound healing, sacred sexuality, and the shaman’s way. From all of these paths I learned about the importance of our physical existence, that the spiritual life is not to transcend the body, but to realize the divinity of our being as we are now, and to honour the body as a gateway into the soul. It begins with a deep recognition that healing is really the practice of self-uncovering, that the memory base is eternal and living directly in our cells. In order to understand our truths, we must step into the power of our own being. My mission is to ignite within you the flame of self-awareness, to help you answer the question “who am I?” With this beautiful self-(re)discovery we can work on creating your life to align with what you value most, and to help you live in the beauty of your soul.